just got back for the night, walked into my room (opened door slowly just in case), and heard a flurry of motion in the form of my roommate getting up from where he’d been leaning over a friend of ours.

haha, i was a bit tempted to ask my roommate how many girlfriends he has. but i’m pretty sure it’s just one if that, and that she wouldn’t approve.

but hey, i don’t know the whole situation. could be that i’m misinterpreting something. somehow i doubt that.

i just feel a bit sorry for his actual gf. but i’d feel sorrier if she would visit less, aka disturb me less. which might sound selfish, except, well, i live here and don’t always appreciate having a third roommate sleeping over, especially when my roommate doesn’t think to run it past me.

oh well. i kind of mentally and physically just shake my head at this whole thing. feel a bit disgusted and amused at the same time, haha.

it’s no wonder i prefer to be out of my room most of the time.


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