i noticed that sometimes i don’t have a solid grasp of the things i dislike, but i just (re)realized, one of the things that strongly bugs me is shoddy leadership, in the form of almost hypocrisy–that is, saying one thing and doing another. it could be that this annoyance also has to do with what i perceive as bad leadership in general.

the example coming to mind when i write this has to do with our dance practices. it’s interesting to note the different teaching styles of our various coordinators/teachers, even more so because of the leadership classes i’ve taken, how one coordinator will be less patient than others, etc. Especially during the course of a practice, the leadership styles of our coordinators stand out, to me at least–some are very strict, which I agree is occasionally necessary, but I definitely disagree with the ways that some of them try to get us to fall in line. Yelling at people might get them to follow in the short term, but certainly doesn’t engender goodwill, even if it’s for “our own good”.

Haha…it’s just one of those things that I notice while it’s happening and kinda mentally shake my head. Because what can I do? I’m certainly not going to go out of my way to try and change that, for a lot of reasons, the greatest one perhaps being that certain people resent others trying to explain a different way to do things, even if that different way should help them, even if that explanation is done in a completely non-condescending manner.

I guess it has its worth to me in that it stresses the kinds of things that I’ll remember not to do.


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