it’s 7:45am. i got up like around 15min or so ago (a feat accomplished due to some combo of luck, sleeping non-horizontally, and a few alarms). so tired. really annoyed by weekend buses. according to nextbus there was one single H bus that came about 3 min ago. now there’s none. which is strange b/c i didn’t think there were any H buses on the weekend. darn nextbus.

grr carnival. i guess i’ll try to get some work done while i wait til about 8am. then i’m just going to walk to college ave/EBCHC. no waiting ridiculous times for buses.

OH and i checked my email and saw notification from Rutgers, apparently a financial hold of $10 has been placed on my account by Parking Services. this doesn’t sound right so i tried to go find out what it was, but the application we’re supposed to use doesn’t “open” until 8am on Saturdays, and the number they said to call, the Dept. of Transportation Services, doesn’t open til “the next business day”. stupid Rutgers…what financial hold?? that bugs me, but i’ll check it out as soon as i can.

what a start to the day. can’t wait til its over.

sighhh. yawnnnn.


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