after badminton today, chilled w/Preston & Julie and went to visit Betty at the Quads. We ended up playing a really fun and partly intense game of Taboo (we kept switching teams) for a few hours, until we finally called an end to it around 2am.

haha classic moments include: me and Preston on a team, me with the word “cuddle”, me describing it to silence, then me looking up at Preston (who was rearranging the Taboo cards)…me thinking, “no. he didn’t.” and then saying, “Preston, WE’RE ON THE SAME TEAM GUESS GOOO” hahahaha. it’s partly funny b/c i kinda expected it.

another ridiculous moment was when Julie and I were on a team (during the last, super-intense hours-long game), i had “barney” but couldn’t use “dinosaur” or “purple’, so maneuvered until we had “purple dinosaur”…and then Julie guessed brontosaurus. at which point i was sputtering, Preston and Betty were cracking up…and then time ran out. at which point i stood up and banged my head against the lounge window. hahaha…definitely funny in retrospect.

definitely a really fun night. too bad i have to (1) do work in preparation for our Diversity group meeting tmrw afternoon; and (2) get up early for the ROAR carnival. That’s going to be…rough.

good times haha.


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