this group meeting is wack haha.

ppl are late, which is ok, but some ppl already can’t make it…and our presentation’s tomorrow. and we still haven’t yet rehearsed or all looked at the final version of our presentation, because we’re supposed to be finalizing stuff now.

ohhh man grrr.

…and the 2-hr nap i just took is helping me stay awake. or maybe just adrenaline from lifting my head to check nextbus and seeing i had 5 minutes to toss stuff in a bag and run out the door.

yay college -____-



well, things turned out a bit better–people eventually showed up and more importantly, work got done. right now i’m back at the apartment trying to finalize the powerpoint and overall presentation. this is kind of annoying partly because i’m tired, sore, really tired, and just want to go to sleep.

okk have to stop creatively procrastinating. comeonnn let’s finish this.


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