just watched 2fast 2furious, was entertaining.

felt quite good to be finished with our presentation earlier today. i think despite some shaky meetings it all came together pretty well.

afterward, nice to hang out a bit with a friend, finally get takeout from Neilson, at the same time getting to talk & bond a bit. finding that we think the same with regards to a bunch of things, and along with that, just…alike in a certain way i haven’t quite put my finger on yet. it has something to do with the way we think and approach life, and is some attribute that i’ve rarely seen in others…very few people i can talk with in the same way.

definitely enjoyed our conversation, and the few hours that breezed by accentuated that. it’s meeting the few interesting people like this who make life all that much more fulfilling, who in a way help alleviate the wackiness of the majority of others.

it’s yet another thing to be thankful for.


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