Thanksgiving break has passed by quickly.  Here’s a quick list of things I’ve done these past few days that I haven’t done in a while:

  • saw a movie in the theater (Ninja Assassin!)
  • got a haircut
  • stayed up til sunrise playing a game (Borderlands co-op at Gabe’s…so fun, but…oops haha)
  • went to sleep around 12am (the previous bullet partially contributed to this)
  • got out of bed around 5am for Black Friday…and the only things I bought at the mall were an original-sized Jamba Juice (Mango-a-go-go!) and chicken teriyaki for lunch.
  • read a book (“The Ghost King”, over ~5hrs at Borders during Black Friday morning instead of shopping)
  • ate spicy tofu at Fort Lee
  • felt a sense of deja vu about
  • felt it was good to be home after such a long period
  • remembered why it was good to be away from home for long periods


and of course i regretted things i did and didn’t do over the past college years.

I don’t remember what I wanted to write about, so I’ll leave it at this for now.


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