today’s supposed to be the last Badminton practice of the semester, as pointed out Wednesday night at the Sport Club meeting.

so I was naturally surprised to see a text from a friend saying that courts were closed. so naturally I called Werblin right away to confirm and find out details. it seems that there’s a swim meet and that naturally, the swimmers’ gear is being stored in the entire Multi-Sports Room. the friend at Werblin went to take a look and from what it sounds like, if they’d left just one bay open for badminton, they might still have been able to fit us in. but naturally, no.

naturally, i’m rather frustrated.

haha i’m reminded of the last time they (Werblin, whoever schedules this stuff) did something like this and because of that we didn’t have practice like we’re supposed to, and i remember i was just as mad as i am now. funny that it’s something like this that makes me mad.

as a roommate of mine commented, it’s just the RU Screw. naturally, i hate it when this happens.

haha i’m suddenly feeling rather amused, probably at the stupidity of the whole situation. the possible disregard for badminton club’s practice, the fact that something like this would work me up a bit. haha oh well. better an amused grin on my face than a death glare.


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