Waking up naturally at 8am a few min ago, I was curious for a second as to what had happened. After all, it’s not every day that I wake up by myself at such relatively early hours. I wasn’t sure I’d woke up if I needed to use the bathroom or if it was because my throat was really parched or what, so I used the bathroom and drank a lot of liquid.

These last few days have been kind of ridiculous, as they sometimes tend to be. Finals were interesting-ish. I’m glad they’re done. The only grade I have yet to find out is Earth & Life, which I’m hoping will be soon.

I’m trying to remember what happened over the last few days–Friday night was heading over to Livingston to chill with a friend, making magic bars, playing/teaching some piano and teaching some dancing…that resulted in my return to Busch via KnightMover at around 5 in the morning. I think I got up at 5pm Saturday, then ended up staying up the whole night playing Dragon Age mostly, until it was time for to prepare for the RCDT trip. Caught a bus at ARC at around 9:10am, and then the whole day was a lot of slogging through rain. Eleven of us, but pretty fun overall.

After we returned to RU, met up with some Verse|One members at BCC, eventually went to bowling alley (though I didn’t bowl), then to Applebee’s for appetizers, which was quite tasty.

After finally returning to apartment by around 1am or so, I was ready to pass out, and did so.

Now I wanna upload pictures, haven’t done that in a while.


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