in a little less than 3 hours, i need to be in bed. that’s what Sundays are going to have to be like, I think, given the 9:15am class on C/D Monday mornings.

I like the way the semester has started off, meaning how almost every day has been fairly productive (which definitely has something to do with going to bed earlier.)

There is something inherently and intensely satisfying about doing the kinds of things that I know I should’ve been doing. Granted, it’s…kind of late for a lot of it, but as Gabe said a few days ago, if that’s what it took to learn those lessons…so be it.

Something has changed again, this time for the better. If I can stay focused enough and focused correctly, I’ll be good.

It’s good, in so many ways, to be back. Now let’s get going–emails wait to be written, chapters wait to be read, and tests of all sorts lie before me.

We shall see.


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