i have some nerve spending another few minutes doing something that’s not studying or sleeping right now (2:20am), but i’m reminded of something along the lines of what was in the “growing” entry two posts back.

this past week, as i continue to read more of david schwartz’s “the magic of thinking big” and continue to integrate the things he explains, i’m coming to understand a few things about myself and i guess about life too. more can definitely be written about this but seeing as how i’m a bit shorter on time i’ll just say that as always, i’m learning how i can: (1) continue to make myself a better person; (2) accomplish things; and generally be able to do the kinds of things i want to do.

the 3-in-1 career services workshop i was at this past Saturday inspired and informed me but i haven’t taken action yet. too many things have a “yet” attached to them, and i suppose one of the lessons reiterated in “the magic of thinking big” is that to start, i need to just start.

some days i’m satisfied with just a bowl of crunchy cereal in milk and an interesting book. but i really don’t mind broadening my horizons in a good way, so even the crazy days are fun in a way too.

bring ’em on, i guess. we can do it.


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