now is one of those moments when i want to write a more detailed entry about something interesting…but i shouldn’t b/c i have to get up early for that 9:15am computer science recitation on C/D haha.

I’ve been wondering how to create a sense of family, a sense of community, within a group of people from different backgrounds. I’m curious why some groups have that sense of family and others don’t, and more importantly how that feeling might be started. Using groups I’m familiar with to illustrate: the Verse|One dance group does for the most part have that sense of family, as compared to the badminton club, which lacks it. I wonder how much it has to do with the leadership of the group–V|1’s captain, say, as compared with myself. This is one of those cases where I wonder if it’s another one of those social things that I don’t understand.

All I’ve come to realize is that it’s much easier for me to work within a group that already has a sense of community, than to bring about this feeling of community in a different group–like it’s easier to fit in somewhere with V|1, whereas I’m just trying to figure out ways to expand and refine the Badminton Club.

Hmm. I’m not really hitting all the points I wanted to sooo I’ll leave it at this and will soon find more (hopefully less dry reading, even to myself) to write about.


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