i’m not sure if today was any better than last Monday. sure, i attended my first class, but i might as well not have gone because i slept through most of it. the second part of class, professor put on a movie or something and i remember maybe 3 seconds of it. that was a 3-hr class. next class, stayed awake a bit, took a few notes, fell asleep at some point. then a break, got some food, went to Chang library, slept about an hour, went to class, where i stayed awake for the first maybe 15 min, then i think i fell asleep. then i had maybe another 40min before last class, also C/D campus, so i went back to the science library, but this time my alarm was too far away from my head or something, woke up as class was starting. went to class, stayed awake for most of it until near the end.

what a day. this kind of thing isn’t going to happen again if i can help it, meaning that the weekend and Sundays have to be done differently.

ok time to read and write reaction paper for other class. then off to bed early tonight.


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