so yesterday, i noticed that i was invited over to Silvers (those familiar apartments on the other side of Busch) for an impromptu Chinese New Year dumpling-making session.

basically, it was really fun haha, people slowly trickled in while we did stuff like filling the dumplings and helping Victor cook. food-wise, our dumplings, pork and vegetarian, were steamed and fried; there was also tilapia, various vegetables, and on the whole…good stuff. i was definitely impressed at Victor’s cooking skills…very impressed.

so i need to stay awake through the majority of classes tomorrow, and for that to happen, i’m going to sleep very soon, just wanted to jot down a few happenings.

this weekend has been a bit iffy sleep-wise, but at least i feel semi-justified about yesterday. napping, waking at 2am, then writing til 8 was maybe a mistake, but i wanted to finish that entry. i’m fairly satisfied with it…i think it’s one of those few entries that represents a current me very well.

gotta sleep. much to do and i need to be awake, especially for exams. studying to be done, and i need to do it.

in the end, it was a pretty good Chinese New Year 🙂



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