been an interesting day as usual. tired through most of it but i’ve been reading more of “happiness hypothesis” and it’s really good. some entries are brewing in my mind and perhaps i’ll have a chance to give them form later tonight.

so coming back from class today, walk into my dark room and there’s a potentially awkward moment as my roommate (he reacted quickly, i’ll give him credit for that) pulls a blanket to cover his buddy in bed.

i was amused to find that i was more amused than upset, right there and a few minutes after the fact. so i tossed my jacket on my bed and said “so we need to have a talk soon”, and went back to the living room to do stuff. i’d like to think that this calmness is a result of a more serene me…but it’s more likely a combination of a few things haha. i like how i’m actually feeling upbeat hahaha.

i thought it was interesting that i wasn’t even so exasperated or anything…just amused. and the incident re-prompts me to have a needed talk. so it’s going to happen later tonight.


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