i’m not sure if being disgusted drains me emotionally…?

left dance practice today drained, not physically but in some other way. distractions all throughout practice today that were dumb, unnecessary. negative emotions towards other people haha…i can hardly bring myself to sympathize. we’re here to dance. how you can get mad at any of the dancers to not “paying attention” if you guys (1) aren’t setting the example, and (2) are getting distracted yourselves? what a waste of time. we should be using that time to practice. no problem with some fun, but such distractions? stupid.

then walking in on roommate earlier, looks like there was a door-lock problem, they locked the door but it failed to close properly or something because i was just able to walk in. i just talked with a him a bit, but i suppose i see the difficulty because he can’t always warn me ahead of time.

still, at some points it gets annoying. i can choose to not be so irritated at certain parts of this but…i dunno. i just feel disgusted at the stupidity of some things.

early class tomorrow. going to help a friend w/chinese for a short bit and i need to sleep earlier.

not a fan.


2 thoughts on “disgust

  1. Rob–
    You require a “sock on the door” system, equivalent to “do not disturb”. We (that is, Somerset dudes) have been using it since our Silvers days. (In fact, if I recall correctly, it was the very first rule implemented in our apartment.)

    Alternatives include a post-it on the door, an umbrella hanging on the doorknob, etc. However, the sock is effective because a) the stairwell outside my room is often dark, so tactile feedback is helpful as a last-ditch reminder and b) drunk housemates may need to use our bathroom, and often grasping a sock over the doorknob is enough for them to realize the bathroom is effectively “occupied”.

    Some sort of agreed-upon system should be standard in your apartment, or at least with your roommate, as this provides you with adequate warning and him and friend from embarassment. More importantly, as your roommate, it’s just common courtesy. You probably won’t need a sock, as you’re neither the type applicable for situations A or B above, so a more discrete warning is definitely an option.

    1. yeahh i know what you mean, heard of it and seen the system, but a locked door usually works pretty well…except in cases where it’s not locked –”

      occasionally if the other roommates are in they’ll give me a heads-up. “discrete warning” is actually what i was pressing for when i talked with him but i get what’ he means when he says it’s usually “not planned”.

      i’m not worried about walking into anything awkward–actually today i was definitely more amused than anything–what annoys me is my roommate’s lack of consideration, in this and other areas. i don’t think i’ve mentioned the mold/fungus growing in the rice cooker (twice) and coffee machine? and other things.

      i appreciate the advice though, thanks. i actually think i just need to spend more time away from the room(mate) and be doing relatively constructive things in other places.

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