so I didn’t quite leave V|1 practice early like I’d kinda planned, but, we were learning and reviewing so well hahaha. this set is going to be sweet.

1:40am…just finished CompSci hw assignment, luckily was pretty easy haha.  now for the harder part: study for the next few hours for an exam at 11:30am.

Have “some” reading to catch up on so I guess we’ll see how this goes…haha I can’t let it go any way but good though.

…if all goes well I’ll catch up on sleep after badminton, or after some dancing after badminton.

here we gooo hahaha.


so, that all-nighter didn’t work out entirely as planned, finally gave in to a nap at around 7 or 8am, and ended up dozing in and out until finally i woke up disoriented and immediately dove to check the time…saw it was 11:10, exam in 20min on different campus haha. definitely got a burst of adrenaline from that, so i tossed on a jacket and ran out to the bus stop, got to exam in time, it was okay for the most part…we’ll see how it went haha.

at library now, feeling a bit tired, finally. guess we’ll see how the rest of this day goes.


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