4am on a Monday night (Tues morning)…not my ideal sleep time.

So a few random updates:
-Choreo for Josh’s piece is faster than anything we’ve yet done…it’s gonna be pretty good haha.  Verse|One’s got at least 1 or 2 performances in March and something like 6 in April!
-RCC Karaoke competition was pretty cool
-Sundays are definitely busier than most days of the normal week
-Mondays are still packed and might get busier…see below
-checked out meeting of Asian American Leadership Cabinet on LIV, have to do some consideration

almost ended up face-first in mud tonight…walking back to Richardson from SERC, decided to walk up hill because the sidewalk path has been closed for construction, and though I tried to be careful, my foot slipped right out from under me as I walked, and I again have to thank all that lion dance/judo/martial arts/acrobatic/whatever practice, since I caught myself with my left hand and then slipped and twisted down the hill, managing to land upright…interesting.  My left hand was caked in mud and after I got into the apartment I noticed streaks on my pants and jacket, plus a large amount on the back of my UnderArmour bag…which is now drying on a rack.  haha I have a newfound appreciation for the powers of mud.

and, ~70 pgviews–where’d that come from?

as usual, writing more would be nice but I’m going to finish reaction paper and go to sleep straightaway…looks like this week is going to be fairly busy.

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