after getting back from classes today, I lay down and took a nap, waking up, somehow, 10min before dance practice, seeing parts of one of the most somber dreams I’ve ever remembered having. It was one of those naps where you wake up and still feel drained, maybe because of the dream. Practice wasn’t as lively as usual for a variety of reasons…ultimately we left a bit late but still got a bit done.

I’m pretty sure I just spent almost an hour rushing to do badminton stuff…tri-meet with NYU and Marist at NYU this Sunday, and new traveling policy is that we need to have our travel roster filled out and brought to meeting on Wednesdays…but since we just found out Monday, haha…we’re a bit rushed.

2:30am now and I haven’t gotten any studying done for that quiz. Getting up in the morning is going to be interesting, but good thing I got that nap earlier.

It’s a busy week. More I want to write but it’ll have to come later. Plan for later: call off work shift today and replace that with studying and doing work for group meeting later tonight.



One thought on “one of those weeks

  1. Hm all the tests I take keep telling me that I’m a ESFJ. But the percentages are really different. Like E vs. I is about 51% vs. 49%. S vs. N is about 60% vs. 40% and the other two are over 80%.

    Well, I think that’s who I am and I’m content being who I am. I feel like I’m a modified ESFJ. You know how some personality tests, tell you about your weak points and what to do to fix them to make you more presentable in society.

    Yeah. I’m a modified ESFJ.

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