At the end of the week, outlook is still busy.

Friday…have to start off at computer lab to finalize and turn in compsci hw, which I’m tweaking now…got back to Richardson at 4:30am or so after getting food w/Verse|One (chilling at “The Sanctuary”, playing Ninja and Never Have I Ever) on College Ave after practice haha.

So, one class at 11:30am CAC, then work from 1-4pm, then rush to Livingston Rec Center to learn Mongolian Dancing for RCDT (since the other members are on their way to ECAASU at UPenn at this point)…then rush from LIV to badminton practice by about 6pm to get them started on a few things, then have to leave -that- early to get to Rutgers Student Center by 7pm for “Rutgers Best Dance Crew”, a fundraiser for Children’s Aids Network, in which only 7 V|1 members can perform because the others are all at ECAASU. Then we dance haha.

Mannn. It’s going to be another interesting day…and oh my god I need to get work done Friday night for our final group meeting Saturday night because there’s a Lion Dance performance Saturday noontime. Then Sunday? Badminton tournament at NYU, so we catch an NJ Transit train before noon to NYC, take subway and walk, compete for a few hours. And…I have to be back at Rutgers by around 7 ideally, for…more dance practice, placements in more pieces. And that brings us to the end of the weekend, where I have exams Tuesday and Wednesday.

I never realized how busy this whole week was, not even seeing it all in the calendar, until I wrote it down here hahaha.

Time to seriously manage time.

[Edit]:  It’s now 6am and all I’ve managed to do is work only on badminton stuff, emails and messages and the like, preparing for practice later tonight and for Sunday.  Amazing.  Well, “back” to compsci…getting up in a few hours is looking iffier and iffier as the minutes go by hahaha.


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