The day has been kind of a long one.

The Rutgers Best Dance Crew fundraiser event (hosted by RU Children’s AIDS Network) was really cool, the dance groups were all great and I left the event feeling ready to dance and learn more dancing.

But it’s still just been one of those days, that’s part of one of those weeks, part of…one of those two weeks. months. I dunno where it starts or stops.

I might have too many obligations. Badminton, Verse|One, Reach Out and Read, RCDT, not even counting occasional CSO/TASA/AALC stuff…is a good amount of stuff, but when combined with the studying I need to do plus random other events, it starts to get a bit over the top. I don’t like thinking that things are ever “too much”, but in the case of this past week, I’m thinking that it’s been a signal that I need to switch things up again and do things differently.

I’m pretty sure I’ve been doing more consistent studying this year than I have in most previous years. I’ve been more active in clubs and activities than I have in previous years. I’m more engaged and consequently happier. But this reminder is necessary, I think. I need to live just a bit less in the now and consider further into the future.


Hmm. What will it take to reach all I might reach? And what do I want?

more contemplation required.


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