back from Somerset Diner w/some V|1 friends.

i’m just tired now…I think I should get to sleep now and do focused work on that essay later when I’m more revitalized. Hopefully can finish it in a few hours…at some point after class tmrw. Getting up is going to be tough.

still gonna be busy for the next two days at least.

update: 4pm

well. i think this was the first night i can remember sleeping in my bed this whole week (other days were couch, or didn’t sleep at all and napped in library/ARC/everywhere), and it was pretty disastrous. fell asleep on couch outside trying to do stuff, went to bed at 5ish, and didn’t get up til maybe 20min ago, with that weird heavy feeling in my chest/stomach. yeah. pretty bad. sleeping on a bed isn’t good for me in terms of, well…maybe everything –”

soo i’ve made zero progress on essay. and i think there’s lion dance practice later tonight, wedding tomorrow, and an essay to finish and submit before 9am tomorrow. niiiice.

i’m not really surprised.


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