Three years ago, probably more, I remember there being talk about performing the Lion Dance when Eileen got married.  This past Friday night, a group of us–including one of the older troupe members who we haven’t seen in literally three years or so–met up in Bergenfield to plan the routine for Saturday…the routine for Eileen’s wedding.  It felt and still kinda feels absolutely surreal.  Yesterday night it was strange because the wedding was a few short hours away.  Now it feels odd because the wedding and performance is done, and one of our number is newly wed.

The ceremony was nice, or at least I assume so from what I heard because the car I was delayed after picking people up, and we arrived at the church in Wyckoff maybe half an hour after the ceremony started.  We slipped in to catch one of the most important moments–the couple being pronounced husband and wife.  Then to the reception/dinner area, a really nice place in West Orange called Highlawn Pavilion with a reputedly amazing view (we had to drive up a long windy mountain path to get there haha).  I say “reputedly” because it’s been raining and gusty the whole day.  The performance went fairly well…as usual, not entirely according to plan, but overall it came together.  Right before the main course was served, things got interesting–the lights went out.

I’d been a bit sleepy before but after that I was wide awake, hahaha…the staff started bringing out candles and basically the rest of the meal and the rest of the night was finished in the glow of candles and the occasional flashlight.

I was talking with the other lion dancers…now at future weddings if there aren’t power outages and candlelight dinners I’m going to be disappointed hahaha…just wait til the next wedding! Who’s it going to be?? 😀

It’s amazing that time flies by the way it does.  On to the next one!


One thought on “eileen’s wedding

  1. awwwwwwww this is so sweet! i wanna go to a wedding 😦 never been to one. all my relatives are in koreaaaaaaaaaa.. i wish i went to my aunts’ :(!!

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