“Get into the spirit of the times” –today’s fortune cookie

Getting back to the apartment at somewhat around 5, I heard the familiar sound of those birds chirping again. And even though it’s rather early, I still did stuff on computer before now, typing a last few thoughts before going to sleep (on the armchair, of course) for, oh, a bit more than 4hrs before needing to get up for RCDT practice. I’m “pretty sure” I can’t do this during the regular week.

Friday and Saturday were interesting; after an hour of badminton, ended up on CAC, Fruity Yogurt, where we bumped into a lot of V|1 people; eventually got dinner after our friends ended their shift, then went to a few different places. Saturday started off with volunteering at Elijah’s Promise as part of Tzu Chi, was a different experience; same with later at night, starting with unplanned dinner with CSO Big & friend, then other different things at a friend’s house.

I dunno, this past week I’ve wanted to write fuller entries but I’m mentally scattered when it’s so early.

I think the different things that’re happening are interesting. Strange mixes of satisfaction and curiosity here and there.

It’d be nice to understand and connect with people better.


2 thoughts on “switch ups

    1. goood call, almost forgot about “semi-homemade (cooking)”…kwanza cake hahaha.

      asians in ABP…waiiiit a second haha.

      funny weekend.

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