…or whatever you call it when you’re still up and the sun’s recently out and about.

The past few days, or week, or however long it’s been since the last entry have been pretty busy, which isn’t really much different from the past months haha.

Since last entry, I haven’t really gotten all too much done haha…the “huepa” tryouts were interesting because the people didn’t show up–verse one was at Frelinghuysen by 9pm, after I arrived I went around trying to make sure of details…ended up at the SAC enlisting the help of a reception person to look up details. Hmm.

As usual, I have a lot of things I want to write about but as usual, most of them will have to wait a bit, at least until after the multiple performances tonight (RCDT Social), tomorrow (Ms. Vietnam Pageant), and whatever associated gatherings are taking place after.

soo tired right now…sigghh just woke up from a really quick ‘nap’–i know this b/c my arms are numb and there’s a pool of saliva on the table haha, but i’m glad i actually woke…this could’ve been bad/worse haha. time to rush, class in less than an hour and a research question still TBD –”

hmm…kinda like the way things might be headed? guess we’ll see =)


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