I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing much more of ARC now that finals are close and now that the ARC computer labs are open 24hrs. For example, it’s now 6:30am and here I am tapping away (taking quick break from CS110 programming hw) on one of these nice large-screened Macs, with my friend solidly passed out on her chair on the next computer over. Dunno why I’m feeling so relatively awake at this hour…the caffeine from Starbucks, maybe, and maybe also b/c the friend’s sleeping haha.

Earlier tonight, a few of us were studying at the campus center til it closed at 1, then we migrated to ARC for a bit, then we went to Starbucks til 5ish, and then the driver dropped a few of us off, and then I came to ARC with the friend who has class here at 8:40am.

I’m pretty sure it’s going to be busy up until finals end but there are some things to look forward to: NYC trip with Verse|One this Friday, mostly to get chicken and rice haha; beach/sunrise trip this Saturday after Rutgers Day, the finer details of which still need planning; and any other random hangouts that will likely pop up.

I need to stay on top of the group project for Political Psych, and the research paper for Comparative Political Development of the Far East…need to catch up with World Politics, keep up with Western Political Thought, and just keep doing what I’ve been doing with CS110, which I’m determined to ace. Grrr we’ll see how this goes…just gotta make these next few nights more productive than not.

this closeness is something i’m not used to but in no way is that bad–it’s somehow remarkably familiar, quite comfortably satisfying, and entirely welcome.



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