one month

early morning card makeover. jaunt across the GWB. Marco Polo Cafe’s Italian-Chinese cuisine. delicious Moo Goo Gai Panini. “is she your fiancée”? browsing East Village Bookstore. finding then exploring the Strand. red apple bubble tea smoothie from Ten Ren in Chinatown. flavorful filling dinner at Pam Real Thai Food. smiles, laughs and hugs. good amount of walking. bit of subway. some driving here and there. unexpectedly pleasant weather. happy tastebuds.

priceless company.

and some goofy grins at the very end that nicely summed things up.


5/22: To Do

-catch up on as many loose ends as possible
-work out details for tomorrow
-clean/unpack/organize remaining stuff
-resume perfect pushup, ab ripper, etc

random dreams

i’ve remembered, more or less, having some rather strange dreams these past few days.

one of them was like a movie sequence in which i saw myself or someone else (it might’ve kept changing) doing stuff, involving like some kind of robbery, standoff at gunpoint. another was a strange sequence that definitely involved hungry curious hamster/mice things, some kind of thing where donald duck evolved into darth vader, who started rolling around like a destroyer droid…strange.

familiar faces and ideas all blended together. strange b/c i almost didn’t remember having any dreams while back at college.

trials and errors

ugh. i’ve got to focus. priorities, these necessities. i think i need to close certain chapters, if that’s the right terminology, and focus on other ones. do i not…take life seriously enough?

i see the difficulties between parent/child communication here…eh. not the best situation.

i forget sometimes that i have no time to waste. too many things remain to be done, most of which would’ve been better done earlier, but can’t help that now.

not the update i was aiming for, but time enough later for messing around.

double-check your hot sauce

I’m pretty sure I’m recovering from food poisoning.

After moving stuff from the car into the house upon arriving home this past Thursday, I was eating some dumplings and was trying out some hot sauce that my mom had also put onto the table. I had added some to the dumplings and eaten a bit when I saw that the lid of the jar, lying face-up on the table, had some strange black splotches on it. This causes me to look at the jar…and lo and behold, there’s a large patch of white fungus/mold that I somehow didn’t notice before.

well. Naturally I stopped eating and washed my utensils before eating another dumpling or two, but apparently the damage had been done, as I would find out the next day…upon waking up from a nap, I felt nauseous and my stomach (well, digestive tract I guess) was definitely complaining. Nooot good, and I spent the rest of the night sleeping on and off on the ground (soft bed wasn’t helping). The day after that (getting out of ‘bed’ at like 6am) the nausea was gone but my stomach was still upset and I basically spent the whole day sleeping on and off on various flat surfaces.

This leads me to today: still slept on and off and getting up at 7am today. I’m feeling much better–if not quite my fully enthusiastic self, at least much closer to it than a day or two before.

Hmm…I’m hungry right now but I get the feeling I should still be kinda careful what I eat.

Lesson: I am going to double-check all my cans and jars before taking anything out from them. No me gusta intoxicación alimentacia.

yet another nap

hmmm. accidentally fell asleep last night around 1 before really doing anything…oops. woke up an hour+ ago at 6, tagged lots of pictures, ate a few bowls of cereal, now considering a nap again before heading to DMV.

well…pics to edit & upload, driver’s license to re-obtain, hang-outs to plan, blog entires to write, a montage to be made, skills to learn, books to read, options to consider, stagnation to avoid, insecurities to , life to appreciate. no shortage of options, that’s for sure.

more, soon.


i’m done for now. i’m dead tired. nap is first priority…otherwise i’m going to be dead on my feet.

grr still stat left for Nancy though D:

and errands left to run before i can fully nap.


i don’t think i’ve ever really liked all-nighters.

when i stay up too late or all night, my body sometimes gets itchy, i become less tolerant/more irritable (stupid people, preventable mistakes, hypocrites, bigots, slow stupid walking/driving people, all annoy me much more than they should), slowed reaction time…it’s annoying. i’d really rather not have to stay up unless absolutely necessary. not counting staying up late doing stuff with friends i guess, though it depends on the company and the activity.

these all-nighters through the past two-ish weeks…sigh. some were unnecessary. i hate being irritable and grouchy because i know i shouldn’t be. i feel a hairsbreadth away from drastic action sometimes. it’s dumb.

i would sooo much rather be fully awake, fully energized, fully enthusiastic about everything. but i’ve depleted my internal reserves for now.

even i need some rest every so often.


sometimes contentment doesn’t require words, or anything much more than lightly brushing fingers in comfortable silence.

finals: day something


Just woke up to find myself on the couch from a ~2-hour ‘nap’. This is on the whole a familiar situation with just a few variations, those being that: I’m not in my apartment, I haven’t missed a class/exam, and it’s still hour(s) before sunrise as opposed to hours after it. I’m pretty sure my sleep schedule is either non-existent or mostly nocturnal, seeing as how my body’s felt more tired than usual these last two days…I’m guessing my body hasn’t been sure how to react to these rather ridiculous hours, so it’s been compensating by letting me stay awake for a few days and then hitting me with an unblockable SLEEP NOW command, as happened yesterday and today.

Finals and associated studying have been interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever pulled so many all-nighters studying (I might not have ever attempted to do so much consecutive studying, but that’s another story)–thinking about it now I assume the aforementioned all-nighters left fatigue that’s added up til the last few days of unavoidable napping. We (mostly me and Nancy, occasionally some others) been studying all over the place: ARC computer labs throughout the days they were open 24-hrs, the AALC from Friday night to Saturday morning, BCC, Richardson…I don’t remember where else right now. Nancy just found out SERC reading room is apparently open 24-hrs so she’s there now (I was KO’d on couch and didn’t realize this) working on genetics.

All the studying over the past few weeks feels a bit to me like a completely different part of the semester, the separation point being after our final dance performances of the semester. Not having weekly dance practices almost every other day feels really weird…haha I miss dancing and other Verse|One company. I want finals to be done so that Nancy and I can work on putting together an end-of-semester/year montage. I don’t remember what it felt like last semester after our performances were finished, but Verse|One wasn’t nearly as close then. There’s much more to be said on that subject but it’ll wait for a different post until after finals are finished.

I also feel like it’s been quite a while since my last WordPress post of any considerable length…I miss this too. Not that there hasn’t been anything to write about–there’s been so much I’ve wanted to write about–more like over the last few weeks, I haven’t managed to find/make chunks of time to just tap out some thoughts coherently. It’s quite possible that some more entries–content varying–will soon be finding their way to a blog near you.

Grrrrr finals…on the home stretch: four down and two to go or something like that. Tonight’s some kind of essay-ish final for Psychology in Politics at 8pm, and I have a take-home essay due by 3pm Wednesday for Western Tradition: Hobbes to Mill. Nancy’s still got 3 exams left…genetics in ~2hrs, and adolescent development and stats tomorrow D:

In other news, I’m temporarily reachable now that I’ve re-obtained my old RAZR (needs new battery…maybe new phone –“); I’ve lost my driver’s license two days ago, no idea where it could be (this is annoying for a lot of reasons); my trusty camera’s marginally usable but can’t zoom (I want a new cameraaaa); I haven’t played badminton in too long (and want to find out what’s going on with the club); ummm there’s prob more but I can’t think of anything else too noteworthy.

Hmmm…I think we’ll all be a bit more lighthearted once this finals season is over. Not that I’m in a huge hurry to face the summer, but you know…*shrug*.

Good luck to everyone else with any finals left. Lots to be done even aside from exams. But as I’ve been saying, one thing at a time. Whew. Let’s get to it.