8am-11am, Theories of World Politics.

this was interesting. people kept going up to the front to get more blue books…and my answers to three questions (it was one of those pick 3 out of 7 essay things) took maybe 3 or 4 pages out of my blue book. uhoh? hahaha.

i left at around 9:30am, headed for Douglass Library, where i sat on one of those comfy couches, put in the handy noise-canceling headphones, set an alarm for like 11:30 or something, then fell asleep. quite solidly, apparently, b/c i woke up maybe 3hrs or so later not having head any alarms. did a few things on computer, set alarms for like…an hour’s worth of nap or something, then fell asleep.

…thennn i woke up, not my alarms, of course–that would’ve been too easy–and look at the time. it was like 5:30. greaaaat. so i catch the bus to Busch and found some friends in ARC, where i’m passing some time before beginning studying for exam tmrw at 12.

5:18am. back at ARC but feeling much less productive this time. took longer naps today than i would’ve liked, but i guess i needed them. i can’t wait til after this exam…i can try to get a good amount of sleep Fri, then get back to work over the weekend. mmmmhmm.


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