i don’t think i’ve ever really liked all-nighters.

when i stay up too late or all night, my body sometimes gets itchy, i become less tolerant/more irritable (stupid people, preventable mistakes, hypocrites, bigots, slow stupid walking/driving people, all annoy me much more than they should), slowed reaction time…it’s annoying. i’d really rather not have to stay up unless absolutely necessary. not counting staying up late doing stuff with friends i guess, though it depends on the company and the activity.

these all-nighters through the past two-ish weeks…sigh. some were unnecessary. i hate being irritable and grouchy because i know i shouldn’t be. i feel a hairsbreadth away from drastic action sometimes. it’s dumb.

i would sooo much rather be fully awake, fully energized, fully enthusiastic about everything. but i’ve depleted my internal reserves for now.

even i need some rest every so often.


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