I’m pretty sure I’m recovering from food poisoning.

After moving stuff from the car into the house upon arriving home this past Thursday, I was eating some dumplings and was trying out some hot sauce that my mom had also put onto the table. I had added some to the dumplings and eaten a bit when I saw that the lid of the jar, lying face-up on the table, had some strange black splotches on it. This causes me to look at the jar…and lo and behold, there’s a large patch of white fungus/mold that I somehow didn’t notice before.

well. Naturally I stopped eating and washed my utensils before eating another dumpling or two, but apparently the damage had been done, as I would find out the next day…upon waking up from a nap, I felt nauseous and my stomach (well, digestive tract I guess) was definitely complaining. Nooot good, and I spent the rest of the night sleeping on and off on the ground (soft bed wasn’t helping). The day after that (getting out of ‘bed’ at like 6am) the nausea was gone but my stomach was still upset and I basically spent the whole day sleeping on and off on various flat surfaces.

This leads me to today: still slept on and off and getting up at 7am today. I’m feeling much better–if not quite my fully enthusiastic self, at least much closer to it than a day or two before.

Hmm…I’m hungry right now but I get the feeling I should still be kinda careful what I eat.

Lesson: I am going to double-check all my cans and jars before taking anything out from them. No me gusta intoxicación alimentacia.


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