It’s probably going to take a few more days or so to get over the surreal feeling of being at the house.  I still feel a bit of that ‘extended sleepover’ kind of feeling, not too different from the first few months–maybe the entirety–of freshman year in college. Having morning class two days a week for the first summer session is strange too for a few reasons. To get to class I have to walk to the bus stop at RSC, which is about 5-10min away, then catch an EE, then walk to Hickman. Class is about 2hrs long and it doesn’t help that I don’t have an enormous interest in the subject matter.

Rooming with an old friend, even if he’s just subletting for a month or two during the summer, is a welcome change from rooming with someone I’m not entirely comfortable with, which…might kind of describe the past four years. Some of these past years might’ve gone better if I could’ve roomed with the people I hung out with, but in terms of people who are in my year that I hang out with, they mostly got into a house on College Ave for the last two years.  Speaking of house, the house at Dix St is pretty nice. It’s more of a walk away from campus, yes, but internally it’s quite nice. Two floors, a basement, and an interesting attic room, make for a fairly solid house.  I’m currently–possibly temporarily, depending on how soon we can dehumidify/clean the basement–in a room on the first floor, which fits the two of us fairly nicely.

We won’t have Internet access til tomorrow, when the Optimum people are supposed to come in. This lack of internet has been interesting in a bunch of ways. I kind of feel more productive in certain ways because I don’t have that option of just spending hours browsing Facebook or whatever sites I can manage to entertain myself on. All the same, I’m sure I’ll be a bit relieved once the Internet is up and running so that we do have that option should we need it. Along the lines of stuff that I’ve been doing since I don’t have internet is this entry, which I’m currently typing up in OneNote (actually a pretty cool program), which is a good thing because I keep meaning to type up new entries and really haven’t gotten to it.

It seems like a lot of my gear is having issues. The trusty Blackberry Pearl has been defunct for a few weeks by now and the familiar RAZR that I’ve been temporarily using in its place has a very short battery life, so one of the first pieces of gear replacements that I want to make is phone-wise. Camera started having problems a week or so before the phone died, but thankfully it’s fully functional with the exception of the last bit of zoom. Part of my glasses just almost fell off last night but with the help of some Krazy Glue I think I’ve temporarily held off that problem. The laptop is still fully functional (*knocks on wood*) for now, thank goodness. Hmm and the iPod Touch hasn’t been seen since the last day of finals I believe, which is rather…annoying. It’s making the iPhone option appear more attractive though, that’s for sure. Well, after we get internet a new phone is one of the first things I’m going to research.

Phone call break haha.


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