summer has been going by. The house is interesting in a bunch of ways, and considering the amount of people we have, I suppose things have been working fairly well thus far. Mostly jugglers at the house but a bunch of orgs are represented haha, from juggling to board game club, badminton to engineers without borders.

Today: wake up to alarm, snooze. wake up, get up. barely awake through class. meet at RSC. back to the house. chilling –> leaving later than planned. driving driving. Point Pleasant beach. warm sand. submerging feet. boardwalk & butterfly fries (aka fresh potato chips or saturated fat on a plate). basking in the sun. plenty of pictures (and poking). assorted relaxing. back to the car. napping/driving. back on the banks. and tillll next time.

at Point Pleasant!

we spent only an hour or so at the beach but overall, the day was quite worthwhile, delays and all 😀

i was kinda amused thinking about how certain activities make time go by quickly. part of what’s nice about these summer days is all sorts of distractions hahaha.


One thought on “summer days

  1. yo you forgot “kid kissing trash can & mother yelling ‘no that’s the garbage!'” LOL

    hmmm. i look taller than usual. XD.

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