While taking the train down to RU earlier today, I was thinking about how long it’s been since I’d ridden the train to Rutgers from home. I first learned how to navigate the system, at least from Ramsey station to New Brunswick station, during freshman year, when I would come home most weekends for various Chinese school related activities. Each year after freshman year I would go home less, due to a combination of reasons, until finally last year I barely went home at all except on school breaks and certain other occasions.

Riding the train has been interesting. The two hour ride gives me plenty of options of what to do depending on how I feel. If I’m tired, I can get a good amount of napping in. If I’m energetic, I can read a book, draw stuff, or just indulge my imagination and daydream. Like with any kind of downtime, the options are limited only by my imagination and inclination.

Not a huge fan of the rates though haha.

track B at Secaucus Junction
a familiar sight

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