cotillion success

This was Verse One’s first performance for an off-campus event not related to college: for the cotillion of one of our members’ younger sisters.

The event was held at the Imperia on Easton Avenue in Somerset. Overall the event was pretty interesting because I got something more of an insight into Filipino culture, as far as these kinds of events go. The line dancing was fun and always makes me remember when and where I first learned to dance to “September”–in Davidson B, through Gabe hahaha. Good times. Now if I can only remember “Todo Todo”…

More later, perhaps.


Ugh delayed start to the day–in the style of like 10 alarms, all of which failed to blast me out of bed–that wasn’t entirely unexpected. That’s what happens when I stay up later than I should have playing Deus Ex (or anything) sigh. Normally not too bad but on a “school night” and with work to do? Yeahh -____-

Hmm so before class in about 4 hours, have to skim through two articles, submit a 2-pg reaction paper, and devise and submit a 1-paragraph topic for the semester’s research question. Ok this is probably doable, just have to get to it.

already a full day

it’s been a fairly full day already…headed out with the father in the morning, and along the Garden State Parkway he managed to rear-end a H1 Hummer. Naturally (and rather amusingly, I thought) the Hummer was fine, but needless to say, the CRV suffered some amount of frontal damage. We can’t tell if there’s any internal vehicle damage but thus far it was holding up.

rear-ending a Hummer

general updates

hmm summer session 3’s started and now I have a political science seminar class:  Issues Media and Politics.

Around the house, life is pretty interesting. It turns out that most of the members of the house are food-oriented, in terms of being able to cook and/or quite enjoying food more than just, like, eating it hahaha.  Basically, I’m determined that by the time I move out I will have learned enough to cook basic stuff. So far, it’s going slowly but still going. It’s definitely awesome to have housemates who not only enjoy cooking but don’t mind answering questions, which I always have a lot of.

hmm and so things go.

fun sunday

Nancy came back today! I set a bunch of alarms and got up early to switch car spots with Brendan b/c he and several other of our housemates were going to Six Flags to celebrate Nirav being done w/MCATs. I dragged myself out of bed early, switched cars, came back in and kept sleeping til Nancy called.

Freshened up, met Nancy at the Pi house, got her stuff and walked back to the house. looked up movie times for “Despicable Me”, then chilled/amused ourselves till finally we decided to catch the 6:30 showing; left the house around 5ish, got tickets and ate at Menlo Mall, then watched the movie, which I have to admit was kinda cute haha. Then I dropped her off at her house and drove back to the house, and now I’ll figure out some other stuff to do.

Fun day 🙂

an important choice

i often wonder: what keeps people from being happy, and why do so many people think happiness is something that must come wholly from without?

i believe the answer is partially because not everyone realizes that we do have a choice and that ultimately, even if life has tossed us lemons, it’s still our choice whether to sit down and cry or catch those fruits and making something of them.

how to go about convincing other people?

the life worth living

statue of Chinese legend Yue Fei in Huang He Lou


I wonder about the kinds of things we amuse ourselves with.  I guess I mean, I wonder what we’re missing.  Yes, this does tie into the whole “meaning of life” question, but I don’t mean to consider that here.  The first question that jumps to mind is: are we actually missing something?  I think so for a few reasons, but mostly because I don’t like–even more, don’t want–to think that ‘this’ is all there is to life.  It’s funny in a way because in the political science course (Nature of Politics) I’m taking, we started off reading Socrates (through Plato), who among many other things was known for saying that “the unexamined life is not worth living.”  The thought is interesting because all of these different and somewhat random facets of my life have managed to pull each other along in some kind of way–much as I feel like they have my entire life.

So, the unexamined life.  The overriding thought in my head now is the funny way in which our beliefs shape the ways in which we view the world.  Specifically, I think my view on stagnation ties most strongly into my argument for why we should live mindfully, or live a life examined, so to speak.  The purpose of a life examined is, I believe, a life of progress, where people can move forwards.  The opposite of that, then, isn’t a life where people move backwards, but a life that doesn’t go anywhere.  And there stagnation rears its deceptively alluring head.  I can understand why stagnation might happen to anyone.  There is most definitely a kind of comfort in the familiar, and a security in knowing (or at least being very sure) what will probably come next in one’s life.  The alternative to this security, in the form of anything unknown, is by comparison almost terrifying.  But I ask of the people who, consciously or not, are afraid of the unknown: which is better–knowing what will come next, or not knowing?

In the last few years of my life I’ve been grappling with the future.  Actually, it’s probably more accurate to say that I’ve been avoiding grappling.  Metaphorically speaking, I’ve done a few warm-ups, a bit of research, a bit of practice here and there, but for the most part I’ve been avoiding the grappling.  This thought is nothing new, of course, but it’s something of an omnipresent…undertone…to my life in the last few years.  I don’t think I fear the future, but I do fear.  I want to push my boundaries and press forward, even if that forward involves a bumpy road, but above all I’ve wanted to avoid getting stuck.  I was skimming through some article or other and I saw a phrase that stuck with me: the article was giving advice on college or something like that, and it said something to the effect of, “don’t be a college zombie.”  It was talking about not being just passive and hoping/waiting/etc for something to happen, to go and make things happen.  And I read that line a few times, and I could tell that it was yet another semi-subtle nudging by Life telling me…something.  Coincidence?  Well, either way, it’s interesting to think about.

Speaking of coincidences, I’ve also recently been thinking that all the answers I need–to the questions of how to get where I might want to get, or how to do certain things, or almost any how-to’s–have been around me in the form of books, other people, the Internet, and really anything that’s been accumulated knowledge.  I don’t know if I believe in luck, but I believe myself to be lucky in that I feel I’ve been shown all the tools to “success”.  So many resources are around me, perhaps many opportunities, and even if there weren’t any opportunities, I think the key idea is that opportunities shouldn’t so much be seized as they should be made.  …I get the feeling more and more often that many of the lessons I think students should all eventually be taught aren’t taught to us in our school systems.  That’s probably a separate entry, though.

I don’t have too many conclusions about what it is we might be missing, but judging from the kinds of things people use in their everyday lives to distract themselves from thinking about…well, from thinking about anything…I think too many of us are uncomfortable with the notions of introspection, the unknown, the fear of failure, the fear of success.  I believe some of us, for one reason or another, doubt that we can tangibly accomplish anything worthwhile through introspection; some of us doubt that we have time for such luxuries as considering the future, the past, or even considering anything about ourselves.  I can hardly begrudge them those beliefs, but I think they’re missing out on an important part of life.  Something else in Nature of Politics that came up was the idea of one of humanity’s defining features over the more basic animals was the human possibility of change and improvement.  Whereas in the course of most animals’ lives they remain fundamentally the same creatures, humans have the potential to change the courses of their own lives completely.  It’s true that not all of us have or can create the opportunities to do so, but for those of us who do, I feel it’s something of a waste for us if we don’t seize not just the day, but every moment and, essentially, seize our own lives and make something of them.

I think in the world we know, the life unchanged is not worth living.  Scary though the future might be, we all have to face it at one time or another.  And if that’s the case, why not face it positively, in the knowledge that come what may, we can make something of it?  I think we can all use reminders to keep pressing on.

And so much the better if we have friends with us as we try to figure out where we’re going.  But then, the fun is mostly in the journey and not in getting to the destination, anyway, since we don’t know what’ll happen, but we DO known that we can choose to be gloomy or we can choose to live it up, the bad with the good, and secure in the knowledge that we’re lucky to have all we have.

variety of pictures

in 365 days’ worth of pictures, I’m determined to have plenty of variety, so that at the end of it I can review them all and feel satisfied that I didn’t take too many pictures of the same things haha.