Nancy came back today! I set a bunch of alarms and got up early to switch car spots with Brendan b/c he and several other of our housemates were going to Six Flags to celebrate Nirav being done w/MCATs. I dragged myself out of bed early, switched cars, came back in and kept sleeping til Nancy called.

Freshened up, met Nancy at the Pi house, got her stuff and walked back to the house. looked up movie times for “Despicable Me”, then chilled/amused ourselves till finally we decided to catch the 6:30 showing; left the house around 5ish, got tickets and ate at Menlo Mall, then watched the movie, which I have to admit was kinda cute haha. Then I dropped her off at her house and drove back to the house, and now I’ll figure out some other stuff to do.

Fun day 🙂


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