hmm. t’would be nice if I didn’t have class later today, or if I didn’t have that assignment due today, or even nicer if I had finished that slight assignment due today haha, but…busy weekend, to say the least.

Back from visiting one of our verse|one members in Maryland! We got back yesterday night somewhat after 11pm and after an hour and a half or so we basically passed out in the process of taking a nap…woke up and 5, went back to sleep haha.

Plenty to write about, but I have this assignment due and almost none of it started so…I’ll have to be back later grrr.

Road trips=good stuff though haha.

Friday, 7/30:  the five of us leave from the house a bit after 8pm.  We arrive in Rockville, MD at just around 12am, then head out again for some Korean BBQ at this 24-hr place called Honey Pig.  We finish eating and leave around 3am, and get to sleep around 4am.

Saturday, 7/31:  we wake up a bit later than expected, eat some brunch at Vivian’s house and then head out. We get dropped off at the metro, which we take to the Smithsonian National Zoological Park. We spend a few hours there and then head off to the Georgetown area for cupcakes at the apparently famous Georgetown Cupcake. We could tell we were at the store by the line, which stretched along the side of the store and behind the block. It would take us about an hour and fifteen minutes to get two boxes of cupcakes. As of now I’m still on the fence as to whether the cupcakes–admittedly tasty–were worth the effort.

Sunday, 8/1:  we wake up much later than expected, eat brunch then head out for Great Falls National Park in Virginia. We didn’t get to hike all too much but walking some of the trails and climbing some areas was pretty fun, and we got some good pictures from the trip. Afterwards we ate at a tasty sushi place and then started the drive back, arriving back at the house at around 11pm or so.

Great Falls, VA
verse one in VA

The summer’s passing by quickly haha, already August.


One thought on “back in the garden state

  1. yay for dan’s relaxing wake-up alarm LOL.
    we should’ve thought of dancing earlier in the line.
    fail on me being productive sunday night lol. now hauling ass for my monday exam :'(.

    viv & her cotton candy.
    watching couples retreat.
    hundreds of orange traffic cylinders.
    giant mansions.
    blasting music in traffic.

    i miss the weekend lmao.

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