barrrgh. about 12hrs until the paper is due.

i’m trying to roughly sketch out the remaining time:  minimal meal at some point (i’m not hungry at all, still fairly full from the tofu and rice from a few hours earlier), possible shower, a few short study breaks, lots of time to read and write and work work work, and maybe a nap (which would be nice but maybe not a great idea).

feeling a bit tired but still ok for now. i’m hoping that will last for another two hours or so, then i can shower i think, which ideally will help me stay up a bit longer.

cannot wait til this is done haha, i don’t even know what i’m going to do but it’ll be nice.

edit: 1 hour remaining and still much to be done!

grrr doesn’t help that now after a shower and whatnot i’m awake. prob adrenaline too haha.

on the home stretch now, go go go!


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