studying for Politics & Culture
lots of readings + Starbucks

Normally after Tuesday dance practices I’d stay over on Busch to study or sleep, but tonight is different because I think I need my laptop to study for the Politics & Culture midterm I have later today, and I didn’t bring the laptop along.

That series of events leads me to my desk at the house, with lots of papers in front of me, a laptop nearby and a nearly empty bottle of Starbucks Mocha frappuccino.  I suppose it’s no surprise that the freshly-made Frappuccinos taste much better haha.

Plan for the rest of the night:  do as much reading and studying as I can before sleeping.  Also, I can hopefully place an order for a pair of black and white Converses that we need as performance gear–the only thing holding me back is that I am not yet sure of my exact shoe size and want to compare with something else.

I don’t know how to phrase everything else I want to write about, so I suppose it will be a post for another time.


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