Verse|One Secret Santa guidelines

For whom it may concern (or for any interested parties haha), three general guidelines that come to mind:

  • I don’t mind gift cards (I don’t consider them a lack of effort on the part of the buyer haha).
  • I like technology, clothing, books, board games, and badminton. Well, I like other stuff too, but there’s not necessarily time for a comprehensive list here.
  • I prefer things that have utility, as opposed to things that sit around looking nice (though I suppose there are some cases when those things aren’t terrible.) I also don’t mind cute things, but our definitions of cute might not align perfectly haha.
  • Also! I like Under Armour, in case that helps hahaha.

Secret Santa trade-offs are fun haha.

weighing down

The warning, given years ago, is still fresh in my mind–you couldn’t have known that I would grow into developing a personality that is naturally repulsed by the kind of trap you worried that I would fall into.

I’ll keep your words in mind, but I dread to a degree the possible conclusions in an uncertain future.

And for now, I’ll try as much as I can to be true to what I have now. Different weights than the one you feared are the ones that hold me down now.

Sigh. Part of the problem in this case is in the similarities of weakness.

I just want to sleep now haha.

Language Autobiography

…for Intro to Linguistic Anthropology class, due in the morning…is going oh so slowly.

In the past few hours since arriving at Records Hall computer lab, I have:

  • Napped for an hour.
  • Browsed through all the usual websites (some of them multiple times) like IGN, LifeHacker, Bioware (can’t wait for Dragon Age II hahaha), etc.
  • Tested security apps for my phone.
  • Searched for “How to Train Your Dragon” wallpapers on Deviantart, which turned into
  • searching for Avatar: The Last Airbender wallpapers and taking a look at their main website.
  • Uploaded all downloaded images to Dropbox
  • Chatted w/Preston about his new racquet and the like, which led to
  • going onto Yonex’s site to check info about their ArmorTec racquets, but b/c that wasn’t very useful, I then
  • looked up reviews for the ArmorTec 900 technique and the AT900 Power.
  • Read about how to play the board game “Dominion“.
  • Texted people.
  • Did juuust a bit of planning for the actual assignment .___.
  • Somehow ended up on Facebook taking quizzes to see which [Avatar element, Marvel superhero, Pokemon, legendary Pokemon, Naruto character] I was. I have to say, some of those quizzes are pretty iffy. Can’t expect too much, I suppose haha.
  • Finally logged out of Facebook, vowing to stay away from it until I’ve finished this assignment.
  • Chatted with fellow classmate at the comp labs who was having the same procrastination issue, more or less.
  • Noticed and subscribed to “FoodPress” on WordPress.
  • Noticed that I have another two essays due immediately after break…super darn.
  • Am still sick, still with sore throat (voice is a bit better), now with coughing!
  • Decided to write a short post about this entire experience as a further method of creative procrastination. Actually, I’m somewhat taken aback by the amount of stuff I’ve done that isn’t work…not good. I also don’t like how lately my more productive blog-writing sessions take place when I’m supposed to be working on something supposedly more important.

I do believe I should leave the labs soon, go back to the house and focus exclusively on writing this paper, and then if it isn’t too late, work out a plan of attack for the next two assignments.

VSA’s Asian Gala 2010: Venetian Masquerade

leftover Venetian Masks
VSA's Asian Gala 2010: Venetian Masquerade

RU VSA held their Asian Gala 2010 this past Sunday, 11/14/10, with the theme being a “Venetian Masquerade”.  The event included a pre-show (including performers such as RU Juggling Club and ballroom dance teachers), and a main show that included a 7-course ethnic variety meal as well as performances from Verse|One Dance Troupe and a hilariously intriguing hypnotism show by Nadine.

For the most part, the evening was nice, although there were issues with not enough servers of food and tables not getting all of their courses (e.g. Verse|One’s tables, to name one).

Verse|One’s performance was by most accounts good, but watching the video, I do find it necessary to be critical, because in truth our performance was not nearly as clean as it needs to be if we’re to have any chance in TASA’s upcoming Freestyle event this Thursday. So we have much cleaning and work to do these next two nights.

nutrition & health exam 2

Nutrition & Health exam 2 in not too long. Darn exam is keeping me from heading to the diner with V|1 haha, though I suppose that even if I went I wouldn’t want to spend too much money.

gender & pol essay 2

essay writing
essay writing

Essay two for Gender & Politics class due by the end of class tomorrow/later today. After that, focus will be on studying for Nutrition exam 2 this Friday.

I feel like I basically slept through most of the day today. Well, wow that I’m more awake, 5 pages await writing…be still (but continue pumping), my pounding heart hahaha.


Verse|One’s performance for CSO CARES 2010, held in the newly renovated Livingston Student Center’s Livingston Hall, went fairly well!

verse|one after CSO CARES 2010
after CSO CARES 2010

Performance vids are up on Facebook and Youtube.

Next big performance: VSA’s Asian Gala 2010, themed “Venetian Masquerade”, to be held Sunday, November 14th.  Join us for a night of food (multi-course meals) and fun in the form of many different performances, this year featuring Nadeen, the Queen of Hypnotism!

In other news, essay due Thursday and exam 2 for Nutrition this Friday, a.k.a. a busy next two days. Palms are healing from the accident Friday, so hopefully by this coming Friday I will be fit to play a lot of badminton, which I miss very much haha.