leftover Venetian Masks
VSA's Asian Gala 2010: Venetian Masquerade

RU VSA held their Asian Gala 2010 this past Sunday, 11/14/10, with the theme being a “Venetian Masquerade”.  The event included a pre-show (including performers such as RU Juggling Club and ballroom dance teachers), and a main show that included a 7-course ethnic variety meal as well as performances from Verse|One Dance Troupe and a hilariously intriguing hypnotism show by Nadine.

For the most part, the evening was nice, although there were issues with not enough servers of food and tables not getting all of their courses (e.g. Verse|One’s tables, to name one).

Verse|One’s performance was by most accounts good, but watching the video, I do find it necessary to be critical, because in truth our performance was not nearly as clean as it needs to be if we’re to have any chance in TASA’s upcoming Freestyle event this Thursday. So we have much cleaning and work to do these next two nights.


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