…for Intro to Linguistic Anthropology class, due in the morning…is going oh so slowly.

In the past few hours since arriving at Records Hall computer lab, I have:

  • Napped for an hour.
  • Browsed through all the usual websites (some of them multiple times) like IGN, LifeHacker, Bioware (can’t wait for Dragon Age II hahaha), etc.
  • Tested security apps for my phone.
  • Searched for “How to Train Your Dragon” wallpapers on Deviantart, which turned into
  • searching for Avatar: The Last Airbender wallpapers and taking a look at their main website.
  • Uploaded all downloaded images to Dropbox
  • Chatted w/Preston about his new racquet and the like, which led to
  • going onto Yonex’s site to check info about their ArmorTec racquets, but b/c that wasn’t very useful, I then
  • looked up reviews for the ArmorTec 900 technique and the AT900 Power.
  • Read about how to play the board game “Dominion“.
  • Texted people.
  • Did juuust a bit of planning for the actual assignment .___.
  • Somehow ended up on Facebook taking quizzes to see which [Avatar element, Marvel superhero, Pokemon, legendary Pokemon, Naruto character] I was. I have to say, some of those quizzes are pretty iffy. Can’t expect too much, I suppose haha.
  • Finally logged out of Facebook, vowing to stay away from it until I’ve finished this assignment.
  • Chatted with fellow classmate at the comp labs who was having the same procrastination issue, more or less.
  • Noticed and subscribed to “FoodPress” on WordPress.
  • Noticed that I have another two essays due immediately after break…super darn.
  • Am still sick, still with sore throat (voice is a bit better), now with coughing!
  • Decided to write a short post about this entire experience as a further method of creative procrastination. Actually, I’m somewhat taken aback by the amount of stuff I’ve done that isn’t work…not good. I also don’t like how lately my more productive blog-writing sessions take place when I’m supposed to be working on something supposedly more important.

I do believe I should leave the labs soon, go back to the house and focus exclusively on writing this paper, and then if it isn’t too late, work out a plan of attack for the next two assignments.


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