writing research paper
good thing Records Hall is open 24 hours.

Here are some updates from Records Hall computer labs on College Avenue, brought to you by your favorite creative procrastinating, badminton-playing…Asian? Or something like that. Please excuse any particular quirky comments I may make–at this point I just want to be done with this paper and out of here haha.

It is not far from 10:00am and I have barely begun to write the actual essay. However, in the past ten hours or so I’ve made some kind of headway on skimming the articles I need to use, and with a bit more solid planning I’ll actually be able to start. From 10:00am, I’ll have 6 hours to work until the essay is actually due.

Quick breakdown of the last few hours:
8:00pm: woke up from a ~5hr nap in an armchair at the Red Lion Cafe.
8:30pm: ate a quick dinner in the food court, went to Au Bon Pain to grab some caffeine in the form of a mocha something, then migrated to Records Hall computer lab.
9:00pm-11:00pm: messed around on computers, intending to start work but somehow getting sidetracked and ending up discovering Sam Tsui on Youtube, which led to losing at least an hour finding and listening to his music. I was blown away, for some reason, like I rarely am, as evidenced by me actually continuing to look up his stuff on Youtube. Eventually I switched computers and got to work.
~11:00pm – 8:30am: serious focus on work; shifted to a few different computers until finally settling in at the “Collaboration Station” (that upraised area with the 3 Macs and table space); occasional bathroom/walking breaks; blehh. I have rarely been so focused for such a long time.
8:30am-9:00am: packed up stuff, went to Brower for breakfast for the first time in a while.
9:15am: returned to Records Hall, same computer. Browsed internet for just a bit.
9:40am: decided to jot down this post. Feeling part tired, part uncomfortable–I really want this to be finished and the day to be done so that I can sleep. I have actually become nocturnal these last two days, staying up through the night and sleeping during the day. That’s…really not good.

Grr for missing dance practices >:O but I guess it was the right decision to not attend practices. Needless to say that if I’d planned ahead I might not’ve had to…but when was the last time I wrote/planned an essay much in advance? …I may still have some left. I think I will try very hard to start planning in advance so I don’t have to pull something like this.

ASIFJLAKJKVMIJAKSDLJFLAJSLDF~! Well, I don’t know what that means, but it’s time to end this study break and try to focus again.

I’ve really got to get these acts together haha.

I want to SLEEPPPPP and dance and play badminton and just relaxxxxx. Not necessarily in that order, mind you. But SLEEEEPPPPPP would be goood.

9:56am:  Byebye till I finish that paper.


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