Verse|One had two performances today: one for New Brunswick’s Tree Lighting ceremony, held on Livingston Ave in front of the Heldrich and theater area; and the other for Intervarsity’s Benefit Charity concert to fight human trafficking.

Meeting time for 1st performance was 4:45pm at RSC; by 4:45, maybe 3 of us were there. Performance time was set for 5:50pm. We made some calls and found out most people were either on the way or apparently sleeping, thanks to a late night session at ARC wherein little studying actually happened. To make a long story shorter, when most of us had arrived, we headed out, arrived maybe 10 minutes before the performance time; checked in, dodged disaster because I had the mix on iPod, made frantic calls to find out where Jason/Neil/Chris were, tweaked the “Let Me Know” choreography again to account for missing Chris.

Eventually a few of our missing members arrived and we performed. Fun audience, and despite the somewhat cramped stage, we had fun. All things considered, it didn’t go too badly.

Second performance was an abridged version of the set, with “Say”, “Saltwater Room”, and “Hand that Holds the World”. That worked out, I think, though I don’t know if any of us got that on video.

Somewhat tiring day. Not a huge fan of almost everyone being quite so late.

A mostly acceptable way to end this semester’s performances, I guess.


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