The last few days, I’ve felt like I’m gearing up for war whenever I’m about to venture outdoors for any extended periods. Leaving Richardson an hour ago, I had to put on an Under Armour turtleneck and a base layer of pants beneath my jeans before heading out, and I was still cold haha.

My holiday wishes are now mostly centered around getting better cold-resistant gear, because if I’m wearing five layers and still feeling cold, I think some of the gear’s not doing its job.

not enough layers
not wearing the right layers
  • American Eagle Hoodie: not meant for any cold weather. I’d be wearing a different one but most of the others need washing.
  • Earmuff things: they do a pretty good job.
  • Beanie: decent, could be better.
  • Scarf: solid.
  • Jacket: not water-proof, somewhat wind-resistant. Needs to be upgraded, I think.

Conclusion:  want a better jacket, as I’ve been saying, preferably Under Armour, but since I can’t see the inside of them on the Under Armour website, I don’t know how it measures up in terms of pockets and storage space.

I’m looking at the Scramjet jacket ($249.99), the Laminar 3-in-1 ($274.99) and a few others, but I’m upset that I can’t see the details of the jacket interiors–seeing the pockets and compartmental layouts would be a huge plus, as they already have those images on the websites of competitors like Columbia and North Face. The North Face Men’s Devereaux jacket ($449.00) looks awesome haha, and judging from the pictures, it would have enough features to satisfy me, but at its current price it’s out of the budget that I’d have for winter jackets. Also, though the white color is nice, I’d be worried about it getting too dirty.

Currently looking at Columbia’s Whirlibird Parka ($200.00), which has a design that appeals to me. The price is also fairly reasonable, if the product performs as the description says.  This one is looking like a strong contender if Under Armour doesn’t respond soon…but that doesn’t change how I want an Under Armour jacket haha.

Armoring up with Under Armour…that would be good.

edit: wrote an email to Under Armour customer service with some question or other, then filled out their site survey, and then remembered more info and sent a follow-up email. I’m hoping for an actual thoughtful response, and the feature actually being implemented, but I don’t think I should get my hopes up.


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