year in, year out

Year of the Rabbit, 2011
2011: Year of the (Masquerade) Bunny?

It feels strange, to say the least, knowing that another semester will be starting at Rutgers University in less than a week, and that this time I won’t be going returning.  Perhaps the strange feeling lies in the abruptness of it all–and yet that explanation is unsatisfactory because I knew this time would eventually come.  If I had to place a name for this feeling, I might think it nostalgia, because I’m usually amenable to looking back at past happenings.  But I’ve become less nostalgic over the course of the last four+ years, demonstrated to myself in the slow progress of cleaning away years of unnecessary debris from the many shelves in my room.  Losing this pack rat tendency–simplifying–can only be a good thing.

So now I’m here, which is to say, out of college (I think –“) and…I find myself at another impasse, because I’m not exactly sure where I am or where I’m headed.  As mentioned in an earlier long post, I don’t think I’ve found a clear purpose during my years in college, though I’ve learned much about myself and the kind of person I am and want to be.  It’s past time to consider where I can fit into the greater scheme of things–that’s the plan for now.

I was going to pick a few pictures that sum up 2010, but looking at the days from January to January, I couldn’t believe how much had happened. I’ll share a few of the things that made 2010 rather amazing.  Most of these have their own stories, but for now I’ll let the pictures and their captions do the talking.  If anyone wants more details, just ask haha.

v|1 spring 2010, dancing in the rain
v|1 spring 2010, growing closer, dancing in the rain 🙂
spring break 2010
spring break 2010: v|1 bonding
v|1 goes to Maryland
v|1 goes to Maryland to visit one of our spring '10 members
v|1 at Wildwood
v|1 at Wildwood: bonding at the beach 😀
v|1, Fall 2010
Verse|One Dance Troupe, Fall 2010: still bonding, still fun, better than ever 🙂
for Noctowl
a letter from friends, as meaningful as any gift.
adventurous company
and last but not least, a friend with whom to share the adventures with.

I don’t know what’s appropriate to sum things up here.  But that’s okay, I guess.  May we all meet great success and find happiness in the years to come.