a beginning. an end. a somewhere in-between.

sunrise, sunset. so it goes.

The plan to sleep earlier and wake earlier has so far been defying popular expectation in being partially successful. I’ve been sleeping relatively earlier, yet I’m still getting up until around noontime. I wonder if the warmth of the bed and the coldness of the season has anything to do with that.

Sunday’s visit back to Chinese School, and Tuesday night’s visit to judo class at Ridgewood’s YW/YMCA both took me back in time a bit, given that I hadn’t been to either in a while.  I’m beginning to get a sense of the importance of the connections and friendships built through the past years; I start catching glimpses of the depths of bonds and the ties of friendship; I notice, too, hints of where the limits to such bonds might stretch.

I would like to think that a switch of some sort has flipped, but maybe the change is just an acceptance of some sort that’s needed to happen. Whatever the case, I would like to keep up the upward trend, the forward momentum, because it’s surely better than standing still.

Endings. Beginnings. If this were a story, I would hope for many more chapters to go before the conclusion. But more important than the length, I suppose, is the quality of the story. I guess that’s where I’m at, where the difficulty’s always been at, and where one of the bigger challenges dwells.

Learn as if you were to live forever, mm?


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