blog upgrading

I’ve been wanting to add a few more associated pages within this blog, where I could put thoughts, links, info, etc.

Pages I want to add include: Food, Games, Tech/Computer, Useful, and whatever other categories I can think of.

Hopefully I’ll actually get around to adding these, at least slowly.

minor car accident

Traffic was slow as I headed towards the RT-17S Barnes & Noble from the Bergenfield area. Let me just briefly summarize.

I was stopped in the far left lane, behind more traffic. I basically heard a crash, screech of brakes, and then felt a mild thump as another car impacted the back of mine. I pulled over into an Exxon on the right to assess damage (minor), then jogged back to the highway to look at the scene. Turns out a Volvo sedan had hit the Highlander behind me, which was pushed forward into my car.

Basically, after making sure no one was hurt, we all parked at Exxon and waited for the police. Chatted with the drivers, all was well more or less, police came, took our info, and about half an hour later we were good to go. My car was almost completely unharmed, just that the spare tire on the metal mount on the back of the car was pushed downward a bit because that was where the Highlander’s front right impacted. Highlander had damage to front and back right sides, broken lights, etc. The Volvo’s front left side, which had hit the Highlander’s back right, was almost totaled, to the point where the woman couldn’t open the door to get out.

As accidents go, we were all lucky. Now I have experience for what to do in similar situations, including the follow-up with insurance claims and whatnot. Ohh well.

schedule shifts

Basically the largest tweaking of my daily schedule is that I’m really sleeping earlier in order to not only wake earlier, but be non-zombie-like through the workday. I’m learning interesting things on all fronts–insights into the computer industry, experiencing the classic office work environment, and learning things about myself too, like how I feel about working on that kind of environment. It’s a moderately enlightening experience for me, because I think I need to experience or test something out to really get a feel for it.

So I’ll be at this for another two months or so, and in the meantime, I ought to be as proactive and active as possible. Much to be done, tried, experienced, lived.

I find that life seems to keep getting more interesting, as we flip to another chapter.

On a different note, I just updated to FireFox 4.0 and I’m liking the changes I noticed so far 🙂

And Team Fortress 2 has such a charm to it. Much to be mastered…but at a low priority, of course.

spring break considerations

It’s been looking like this will be a fairly busy spring break, which is good–better than the alternative.

Aforementioned Krav Maga trial went well, and the Muay Thai class I dropped in on this past Saturday has made me sore even until now hahaha…good exercise and likely needed, I think.

A good amount of planning has been in the works for the next few days, I think, trying to work out plans for today, verse|one tomorrow, possibly Flushing Thursday, and we’ll see what ends up happening Friday.

More later, I guess.

Krav Maga free trial

Just went to my first Krav Maga session today, at the only school in the area where I live. A few of the newer members, myself included, were taught some basics, and I came away from the session fairly satisfied with Krav Maga’s reputation. I was a bit less satisfied by the training environment, but given that I’ve only been to the place this once, I’ll have to give it the benefit of the doubt.

The issue here is that while I would like to register for classes–perhaps for the 1 month block, which is a fee of about $200 for unlimited classes in a month–I don’t think I’m yet in a stable enough position for this kind of money and time commitment. While I really want to learn Krav Maga and other martial arts, I suppose I need to make sure I’m okay job-wise first.

Check out for more details.

I also signed up for a two-session trial of Muay Thai at KRU Training. This one isn’t free, but I’m hoping the fee will be worth the two introductory sessions, and that after those sessions I’ll have a good idea of what Muay Thai is. (see

More to be written after I attend the first Muay Thai session.