Basically the largest tweaking of my daily schedule is that I’m really sleeping earlier in order to not only wake earlier, but be non-zombie-like through the workday. I’m learning interesting things on all fronts–insights into the computer industry, experiencing the classic office work environment, and learning things about myself too, like how I feel about working on that kind of environment. It’s a moderately enlightening experience for me, because I think I need to experience or test something out to really get a feel for it.

So I’ll be at this for another two months or so, and in the meantime, I ought to be as proactive and active as possible. Much to be done, tried, experienced, lived.

I find that life seems to keep getting more interesting, as we flip to another chapter.

On a different note, I just updated to FireFox 4.0 and I’m liking the changes I noticed so far 🙂

And Team Fortress 2 has such a charm to it. Much to be mastered…but at a low priority, of course.


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