Traffic was slow as I headed towards the RT-17S Barnes & Noble from the Bergenfield area. Let me just briefly summarize.

I was stopped in the far left lane, behind more traffic. I basically heard a crash, screech of brakes, and then felt a mild thump as another car impacted the back of mine. I pulled over into an Exxon on the right to assess damage (minor), then jogged back to the highway to look at the scene. Turns out a Volvo sedan had hit the Highlander behind me, which was pushed forward into my car.

Basically, after making sure no one was hurt, we all parked at Exxon and waited for the police. Chatted with the drivers, all was well more or less, police came, took our info, and about half an hour later we were good to go. My car was almost completely unharmed, just that the spare tire on the metal mount on the back of the car was pushed downward a bit because that was where the Highlander’s front right impacted. Highlander had damage to front and back right sides, broken lights, etc. The Volvo’s front left side, which had hit the Highlander’s back right, was almost totaled, to the point where the woman couldn’t open the door to get out.

As accidents go, we were all lucky. Now I have experience for what to do in similar situations, including the follow-up with insurance claims and whatnot. Ohh well.


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