life status

Life’s been busy to a slight degree, interesting in a few ways. The majority of my time in the past month or so has been working, and in the spare hours and weekends I’ve been down at Rutgers helping out or catching up with friends, or looking for things to do to keep me on my toes. Muay Thai and kali/eskrima classes have been great workouts, and I’m looking forward to when I can increase the number of classes per week.

I’ve been considering several options in which to add some more pizazz to the weekly routine, and I think I’ll put into effect some of the following: trying a different place for dinner each Thursday nights after work and before Muay Thai; planning interesting & different & affordable things for every other weekend or so like mini hiking trips, etc; doing more cooking when possible (this option is less likely to be enacted right away); and hmm. I guess it’s a growing list haha.

I’ve been driving around 60 miles per day to and from work, so a good chunk of money’s been going into fuel fees (hmm and why exactly are prices still rising). I still usually have time to think about things while driving, but having to do so much driving gets somewhat tiring, especially given my pay rate. Work’s been very informative and I’ve been learning a lot about this specific sector of the computer industry.

In other life news? Well, I’ve been making more efforts to catch up with friends outside of just activities, and I’ve been really glad to chill with friends in Jersey City and Rutgers when we all have the time. Martial arts classes are currently what I’m doing in an attempt to become/remain somewhat active, and I’m loving them…wish more of my friends lived closer so I could bring them along to try out classes haha.

Knowing that I’m an Explorer/Negotiator or vice versa (as per Helen Fisher’s fascinating book Why Him, Why Her–speaking of which, I suggest that anyone with a mild interest in personality tests or psychology give this test a try…that’s you, verse|one and co.) has given me a fun framework with which to work with when idly considering other people. I’ve tended to mentally assign classifications to most of the people I meet regularly haha, though some people are tougher to classify than others. Being either primarily or secondarily an Explorer type (my test results are usually E/N or N/E), I understand that I seek variety and novelty in things, and that’s definitely the case right now as I try to find a way to keep my life filled with a variety of different activities that satisfy my needs.

I’ve wanted to write a more in-depth post for a while, and often think about interesting subjects while I’m driving to or from work, but after I get home from the typical workday I’m usually less inclined to write and more inclined to distract myself with some computer-related activity in the few short hours I have before going to sleep, ready to repeat the cycle again. Well, since I’m without my regular computer while visiting RU again to celebrate with a friend, I figured it’d be nice to jot down an entry before I head to sleep. I’ll just leave a few more thoughts here:

Assorted recent thoughts:
-the verse|one members from season 6 are so cute. also funny. same with season 7 haha, but since 6 was the last season I was around all the time (hoho) for, they hold a special place in my mind haha. Also loving their set for this semester, and missing v|1 and dance.
-Loaded Questions is pretty fun. Playing it at 196 yesterday night with 8 people was ridiculous–more so because of the people than because of the number of people. Watching Howard fall on the floor laughing, and needing to splash water on his face multiple times, was arguably as fun as the game itself.
-I really wanna get a DSLR. I’m looking into entry-level Canon ones like the Rebel XS, but I guess the issue is just how much money I’m spending, in light of my recent laptop purchase. I want a camera, would put it to good use, but I think I’m going to have to wait at least until I save some more money before investing in a DSLR. Haha DSLRs are so nice grrrr.
-A few recent hangouts with old friends–catching up, chilling, getting food, etc–have been really good. I find that I really appreciate, more than ever, the few friends who I’ve been close with over the past few years, and hope that we’ll all continue to make efforts to remain in contact.
-I still have so much about myself to understand and improve. Discipline would be nice to improve. Also need to do something about an occasional awful sense of arrival timing.
-I want to go camping with some friends soon. Actually, one of the v|1 friends brought up having a camping trip shortly after the semester ends and I totally agree. I’m going to start drafting basic plans and looking into places haha…this could be awesome.
-Wondering about v|1 future. I had a nice discussion with several of the aforementioned season 6 dancers one late night in the car haha, and we talked about past, present and future v|1. It reminded me of similar late night talks with me and other concerned v|1 members just a year or so back, and the concern for the group that they showed is another reason why I’m rather fond of most of that season.
-Still considering direction, purpose, but I’d still like to think that things happen for a reason. So I’ll try and try harder to keep myself busy while also considering those important questions of direction and purpose, and I’ll see what kinds of interesting things will happen.

Hooray for managing to write stuff haha. Now time to sleep, and hoping that each week will be different in good ways from and more interesting and productive than each previous one.

currently considering

Getting the Alienware M14x to replace this poor HP…question is, how much to pay for what kind of specs?

Completing an unfinished post or two.

Plans for this week, weekend, the coming week.

martial arts

Learning martial arts reminds me in certain ways of learning dancing.  In both, students learn footwork that should be drilled into muscle memory. Sequences of sorts, footwork and otherwise, are taught and also need to be practiced.  I suppose practice is one of the big keys to mastery here, and in that way it’s applicable across the board from martial arts and dancing to badminton and most kinds of physical activity that people want to get good at.

I’ve noticed that it takes me a longer time to learn something when training, which I attribute to my need for detail when it comes to the particulars of a step, strike or maneuver.  First I look for details, then when drilling I try to recall all the details at once—proper stance, weight distribution, movement direction, balance, where my attention should be focused—and I think that slows me down in terms of just going with the flow of faster practice. On the plus side, I’m at least making sure that I’m practicing the correct processes and techniques, and I’m putting thought into what I’m doing.  The process is the slower part, and after the initial learning and lots of drilling, the satisfying part is when I start getting it and when the moves start flowing.  

I’m at the beginning point of learning and absorbing, and hopefully the moves will start coming together with enough practice.  It is, like some of the best things, a slow but rewarding process.

visiting the banks

I’ve been enjoying my sporadic visits to Rutgers. This past weekend: bit of badminton, hung out with old roommates, volunteered and helped lots for China Nite XVI, hung out with Nancy, chilled with V|1, made new contacts, learned new things.

Life’s interesting, really. Busy with work, bits of free time to be savored, exercise to be done, friends to catch up with, friends to make, tons to learn, lots to explore, lots to live.

I already begin to understand why having good friends is so important and will only get more important as the years go by. Hmm and I’m glad I’ve had the good fortune to make friends with so many people that I can get along with…score for verse|one and occasional good decisions/circumstances during college. As for things on the job front, different things are popping up, and I think I should do some experimenting. Looking for a job that I’ll enjoy doing is definitely a challenge. But that’s fine…though I’d prefer I make progress sooner rather than later haha.